Close To Nature Blend

€ 33,50

The Close To Nature blend is our organic certified espresso blend.

  • It’s smooth, chocolaty with a full body texture
  • Perfect with milk or to drink black
  • This blend consists of 50% Brazil, 25% Colombia and 25% Peru
  • All organic certified coffees

For a 6 kg box we offer you a B2B price of 180€/6kg incl. VAT!

For 6 kg the only option is beans. If you have a VAT number you can insert it at check-out and you’ll receive an invoice.


What about organic certified coffee?

We have always been very transparent about the fact that we don’t buy coffee for their labels. For example all our Ethiopian coffees are sustainably grown, pesticide free or as you would say ‘organic’, but we cannot call them that except if they are certified. The reason for that is that being certified costs a lot of money to the producers, actually to the whole chain, we as roasters also pay a fee for every bag of organic coffee that we roast.

Does this mean we are against organic certified coffees? No of course not, there are producers, like our Brazilian friends from the family Dutra, who have worked years and years to get the certification and of course we are very proud of them. This gave us the opportunity to introduce specialty coffee into the bio market in Belgium. Because biological coffee does not mean specialty coffee.

It is important to be aware of these labels and for you to know how we work. We will always look for producers that work as sustainably as possible. This means for most of the countries pesticide free, but for others like in Costa Rica or Kenya, it is just not possible because of diseases like Roya that destroy the coffee plant. We will always communicate with pesticide free or sustainably grown when it is ‘organic’ but not certified and with the organic certified label when it is. When there is neither of both, you know that certain methods were used to protect the plant, this does not mean extremely harmful products, because, as stated above, we will always look for the producers who work as sustainably as possible.

Country: Brazil Colombia Peru



All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics).
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