Iki Glass Decanter 300ml


€ 16,00

Hario Decanter Iki – Highest Quality Heat-proof Glass

This Hario decanter is has a very simple design, which allows you to store and serve fresh water, tea or coffee. It has a wide bottom with a curvy and slightly slimmer neck for good grip, maximum comfort and precision when pouring. This Hario decanter is made of deluxe quality borosilicate glassware which is known for its heat-retention properties and durability, retaining perfect clarity, for years to come.

The carafe from Hario has a diameter of 60mm and height of 164mm and it has a weight of 120g. It is an all-round great decanter that can be used to server various types of liquids. The Hario carafe Iki can also be used in a microwave or a dishwasher with not a problem at all.

Features :

  • Heat Resistant Glass
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Friendly
  • Capacity 300ml
  • Made in Japan


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