31 May 2024

OR coffee recipe: Burundi - Munkaze washed for filter

OR coffee recipe: Burundi - Munkaze washed for filter

The Burundi - Munkaze washed for filter is a filter coffee that is multifunctional. You can use it as a good batch brew, in a specific filter method or as a cold brew on a hot day. We will explain how to prepare this delicious filter coffee with a Toddy, but also as a cold brew. This coffee can also be prepared with an Aeropress if you don't have a Toddy.

What you need

  • A Toddy
  • 100gr coarsely grinded coffee
  • 2l filtered or bottled water

For this recipe, we made a good cold brew out of this Burundi with a Toddy. We used 100gr of coarsely grinded coffee (texture like coarse sea salt) and take 2l filtered/bottled water, this can be room temperature or cold.

Using the Toddy

If you use the Toddy, make sure that you place the reusable filter at the bottom on the inside and you put in the rubber stop on the bottom of the outside. Pour the water in the Toddy, add the grinded coffee and stir gently to make sure that all the coffee is soaked in. Put the lid on the Toddy and let in infuse for 12h. After 12h take out the rubber stop, but make sure you put a jar underneath it. Wait until all the coffee is filtered.

Serving the coffee

Pour the coffee in a glass with or without ice cubes and finish your drink with a piece of lemon. 

For cold brew

You can make cold brew without a Toddy. Just put the water and the coffee together in a jar or bottle, let it infuse for 12h and filter it after the infusion time. To make it even easier, put the grinded coffee in a filter bag (like a tea bag) and let it infuse in the right amount of water for 12-24h. After infusion time you just have to take out the bag and it's ready to serve.

No Toddy? No problem!

The Burundi Munkaze is also delicious when made with an Aeropress. It gives the coffee a nice and pleasant body and more fruitiness with a touch of herbs at the end.