11 June 2024

OR coffee recipe: Congo Amka Mlimaji for filter

OR coffee recipe: Congo Amka Mlimaji for filter

What do you need:

  • Dosage: 25gr of medium grinded coffee to 390gr of hot water
  • Temperature water: 94-96°C
  • Bloom the coffee grinds first for optimal extraction. 65gr of hot water for 30sec
  • Total brewing or extraction time: 3:30min

Discover the rich flavors of our Congo Amka Mlimaji, especially roasted for filter. This exceptional coffee, sourced from the renowned Amka Mlimaji washing station, is a coffee we love when brewed with a Kalita. The Kalita method enhances its silky mouthfeel, delivering a delightful cup every time.

From the first sip, you'll be greeted by a high acidity reminiscent of juicy gooseberries. As the coffee cools, its aroma evolves, revealing notes of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. The natural sweetness of these fruits, combined with a subtle hint of honey, creates a sweet and complex flavor profile. Perfect for those who appreciate a flavorful cup of coffee.

Join us as we guide you through the steps to brew this Congo Amka Mlimaji filter coffee using a Kalita, and enjoy the journey from bean to cup.


This Kalita recipe is for a large cup of 330ml of coffee or two smallers cups to share. What you need:

  • Dosage: 25 gr of medium grinded coffee to 390 gr of hot water
  • Temperature water: 94-96°C
  • We will be blooming our coffee grinds first, to make sure the extraction is optimal with 65 gr of hot water for 30 seconds
  • Total brewing or extraction time: 3:30 min

Step 1

Put a paper filter in the Kalita, rinse the filter with hot water and pour this water away. This way you make sure the Kalita is warm and the filter is rinsed of it's paper taste.

Step 2 

Pour the grinded coffee into the Kalita with filter and shake to level the grounds.

Tip: Each pour should begin in the center, work its way outward and then return back to the center. This way all the coffee is saturated and you get a balanced cup of coffee.

Step 3

Pulse pour by adding 65gr of water in 15 sec, followed by a waiting period of 15 seconds and repeat this 5 more times.

Step 4

Total brew time of 3:30. Enjoy!

Alternative brewing methods

If you don't have a Kalita, or you would like to try a different brewing method we recommend the following: Aeropress, Clever dripper or Hario switch. All of these methods will give your coffee the silky mouthfeel and the natural sweetness in the coffee will be highlighted. A V60 or a Chemex are also an option. With these two methods the body will be tea-like and the floral notes will be more pronounced.

Congo Amka Mlimaji for filter