La Pavoni Cilindro Home Espresso Grinder

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All about the La Pavoni Cilindro Home Espresso Grinder

The La Pavoni Cilindro Home Espresso Grinder, crafted by La Pavoni that has a legacy as rich as its coffee since 1905, is electric grinder epitomizes a perfect blend of elegance and performance. Every detail of its glossy chrome aluminium body is a testament to superior quality, while its hardened steel burrs promise unparalleled grinding precision. With the promise of transforming your everyday coffee routine into an extraordinary experience, the Cilindro Grinder delivers an impeccable grind, cup after cup. 

La Pavoni Cilindro Home Espresso Grinder

Pros and cons

  • Versatile grinding modes
  • Large bean capacity
  • Lever for direct grinding into the filter
  • Compact yet sturdy design 
  • Might takes some time to get familiar with micrometric adjustment feature. However, given the precision and coffee quality it delivers, it's a learning curve worth conquering.


La Pavoni, an esteemed Italian brand, stands as a recognized leader in the realm of espresso machine innovation. This storied company prides itself on its tradition of crafting top-quality espresso machines while consistently pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

Product description

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a beginner seeking quality and ease, the Cilindro grinder's various modes cater to your every brewing need. Single, double, or continuous? The choice is as smooth as your next espresso, all visible on the LCD display for straightforward settings. Plus, the lever allows you to grind directly into the filter, ensuring freshest taste and minimal waste. Its generous 500g tray capacity ensures that your brewing routine isn't interrupted frequently. Trust the Cilindro to deliver on the La Pavoni promise of quality, functionality, and Italian flair.

With dimensions of 154 mm x 230 mm x 410 mm and a weight of 5.3kg, the Cilindro grinder manages to be both compact and sturdy. Its sleek aluminium body integrates a hardened steel burr grinder.

LCD display
The LCD display is an integrated feature of the Cilindro grinder that brings simplicity and ease to your grinding process. Designed to be user-friendly, the screen readily guides you through the available grinding modes—single, double, or continuous. Furthermore, it intuitively keeps you informed of the bean levels in your grinder and the chosen grind size, giving you precise control over your grind every time you use it.

500g Bean capacity
The transparent bean container designed to hold up to 500g of coffee beans at a time, ensuring you can grind a substantial amount of coffee before refills. Made from durable Tritan material, this component is robust, BPA-free and crystal clear for easy viewing of the coffee beans housed inside.

Grinding modes 
The Cilindro offers single, double, and continuous grinding modes. Thanks to the LCD display, choosing your mode is a breeze.

Lever stand
Unique to the Cilindro is its lever stand, which allows for direct grinding into the filter, thus streamlining the brewing process for you.

Micrometric adjustment
This feature allows you to fine-tune your grinder to achieve the optimal grind for any brewing method, be it espresso, drip, French press, or cold brew.


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Made easy with the support of grinding programs

Coffee grinder with a 500 g Tritan hopper and a soft and elegant chromed aluminium body. The integrated LCD display offers a user-friendly interface, enabling you to choose from a variety of grinding programs to suit your specific coffee preferences.

Technical specifications

Setting coffee
Type of coffee Fresh coffee beans
Ease of use
Display LCD display
Smartphone app No
Element wattage 310
Voltage 220 - 240
Article number LPGGRI01EU
Name La Pavoni Cilindro Home Espresso Grinder
Brand La Pavoni
Warranty 2 years
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