Burundi - Munkaze washed for filter

Tasting notes: Rhubarb, Herbal (Thyme), Sweet, Floral
Tealike body, Sweet

Know where your coffee comes from

Firmly established for over 30 years, Ephrem Sebatigita operates his washing station in Munkaze, selecting coffee from various smallholders. For this washed Bourbon, we've chosen beans from 42 smallholders, gathered as Lot 1782. The depulped coffee undergoes 8-12 hours of pH-controlled fermentation, is washed in canals, and pre-dried under cover for 24 hours before being sun-dried on African beds.

How it's roasted

To enhance the floral and herbal notes in this Burundi coffee, which are highlighted in slow brews, it is roasted lightly, or - more commonly known - for filter. To optimize flavor development it is roasted with a lightly higher batch charge compared to other filter coffees. With a total roast time between 7 to 9 minutes, you can expect a sweet, clean cup with notes of flowers, rhubarb, and a herbal touch of thyme.

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Variety: Red Bourbon



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