Close To Nature Blend

€ 33,50
Taste notes: Dark chocolate, Sweet, Smooth, Round
Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Peru
Direct trade: Yes
Brew method: Espresso
Bio certified: Yes



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Organic certified
The Close To Nature blend is our organic certified espresso blend.

This blend consists of 50% Brazil, 25% Colombia and 25% Peru

All the coffee used in this blend is officially organic certified specialty coffee

For a 6 kg box we offer you a B2B price of 180€/6kg incl. VAT. If you order a 6 kg box, the only option is beans. You can insert your VAT number at the check-out if you would like to receive an invoice.

This coffee is 100% Bio / Organic certified.

What about organic certified coffee?
At OR coffee we don’t buy coffee for their labels. For example all our Ethiopian coffees are sustainably grown, pesticide free or ‘organic’, but unfortunately we cannot call them "Organic Certified". The reason being official certification is too expensive for most producers. The same is true for us, as roasters we actually pay an extra fee for every bag of organic coffee we roast.

Does this mean we are against organic certified coffees?
No, of course not! We believe strongly that sustainable farming is an important step towards a better future for our planet. For this reason we work with organic certified producers, like our Brazilian friends from the family Dutra, who have worked many years towards producing coffee in a sustainable way. We are very proud of them! It is thanks to their hard work that we can sell organic certified specialty coffee in Belgium.

It is however important to be aware of these labels, because organic coffee is not necessarily specialty coffee. At OR Coffee quality will always be first. 

Why OR Coffee roasters

Why OR Coffee roasters

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1. 98% of our coffee beans are from direct trade.

2. Depending on the time of the year, over 50% is also Bio certified.

3. Guaranteed Freshness: Our coffee beans are freshly roasted to ensure that every cup of coffee delivers an explosion of freshness and flavor.

4. Sustainable Origins: We prioritize sustainability by collaborating with farmers committed to environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices.

5. Variety for Everyone: Whether you prefer intense espresso, smooth cappuccino, or aromatic filter coffee, our extensive selection caters to all tastes.

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