Ethiopia - Ayele Tulu for filter

Tasting notes: Lavender, Mandarine, Apricot, High acidity

Know where your specialty coffee comes from
This coffee originates from the Bona Zuria region in Ethiopia, cultivated at an altitude of 2190 meters above sea level. Ayele Tulu, the father of Heleph Tsegab and a farmer with over two decades of experience in the coffee industry, founded his farm and washing station in 2014. This coffee represents the culmination of his expertise and commitment to quality.

From cherry to your cup
From November to January the process begins with the meticulous selection of ripe coffee cherries of both Ayele Tulu's own five-hectare farm and 600 small farmers in the area. They are sorted and pulped at the Ayele Tulu washing station. The pulped beans undergo wet processing, where they are thoroughly washed and dried on raised African beds in the shade to ensure optimal drying conditions.

After achieving the desired moisture content to about 10-12%, the beans are transported for milling and processing before export. This carefully controled process ensures the highest quality coffee reaches your cup.

Place: Bona Zuria
Country: Ethiopia
Variety: JARC Resistant Varieties 74110, 74112, 74158, 74165, 7440
Process: Washed



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