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All about the La Marzocco GB5 X - with free gift worth €1544

The La Marzocco GB5 X is not just a coffee machine; it's a testament to La Marzocco's legacy of excellence. With a perfect blend of classical design and modern features, it stands as a workhorse, delivering consistent and high-quality espresso for discerning coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. Experience the legacy; embrace the future with the GB5 X.

Which La Marzocco fits your needs?
This professional La Marzocco espresso machine has several options such as 2 or 3 groups, high legs and barista lights. We will gladly advise you with the right choices.

How to use to full potential of your La Marzocco?
We at OR have been working together for more than 20 years, our specialty coffees are a match made in heaven. Let's work together and service your guests the very best coffees. 

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Free Specialty coffee, full barista training for 2 and full installation worth €1544

Gift 1: 12kg of specialty coffee - €324

Gift 2: OR School - Full barista training for 2 - €750

With the Full barista training and OR specialty coffee for espresso, you're going to utilize the full potential of your La Marzocco GB5 X espresso machine.

Gift 3: Full installation of machine and OR coffee beans - €470

Pros and cons

  • Manual control: offers hands-on control of the brewing process, allowing baristas to adjust parameters according to their preferences and expertise.
  • Flexibility: the flexibility to experiment with different brewing techniques and variables, ideal for specialty coffee shops and experienced baristas.
  • Educational value: Facilitates barista training and skill development, as manual control requires a deeper understanding of espresso extraction principles.
  • Long-term reliability: La Marzocco's reputation for quality engineering and durable construction ensures long-term reliability and performance.

  • Learning curve: requires a learning curve for baristas to master manual brewing techniques, which may lead to inconsistencies during the initial training period.

Product description

Elevate your coffee shop's performance with the La Marzocco GB5 X, a second-generation machine blending classical European design with cutting-edge functionality. Revamped visuals, a water sensor for quality monitoring, and Luminaire electronics bring this iconic espresso machine into the modern era.

Size and design
The GB5 X marries timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics. This machine has white details instead of red ones like the GB5 S. So you will see white lilies, a white logo and white buttons. This machine has dimmable barista lights for customizable ambiance which allows you to focus on the extraction and cup.

Saturated groups
The GB5 X is equipped with saturated groups, ensuring thermal stability and precise temperature control for each espresso shot, resulting in consistent extraction. It provides a solid foundation for delivering rich, aromatic, and flavorful shots.

The machine is available in different configurations. The number of saturated groups is determined by the specific model you choose
2 groups
3 groups
4 groups

Separate saturated group boilers
The GB5 X has separate saturated group boilers. This means that each group head has its dedicated boiler, independently heating water to the optimal brewing temperature. This setup enhances temperature stability and precision during espresso extraction. By isolating the heating system for each group, baristas can ensure consistent brewing conditions across multiple espresso shots simultaneously.

This design minimizes temperature fluctuations, allowing for precise control over extraction parameters and ultimately resulting in superior espresso quality with rich flavor profiles and balanced extraction. Additionally, the separate boiler design enables faster recovery times between shots, making it ideal for high-volume coffee shops and demanding barista environments.

Brew system
The GB5 X features advanced pre-infusion, a ruby flow restrictor, and a performance touch steam wand for superior espresso extraction. Luminaire electronics provide precise control, contributing to an exceptional brewing experience. The easy-rebuild steam valve allows for hassle-free maintenance directly from the front of the machine.

PID controller
Enjoy dual PID control, allowing baristas to fine-tune both coffee and steam boiler temperatures. This level of control ensures optimal brewing conditions and flavor extraction for various coffee profiles. The machine also comes with 24v electronics for improved reliability and diagnostics.

Rotary pump
Equipped with a high-performance rotary pump, the GB5 X ensures quiet operation, longevity, and consistent pressure. This professional-grade pump upholds La Marzocco's standards for reliability and performance. The machine allows for easy firmware updates through the USB port.

Water sensor
The GB5 X is the first series of La Marzocco machines equipped with a water sensor. This sensor measures the conductivity and hardness of water as it enters the machine, and allows you to monitor water quality and verify filtration performance without the need for additional testing tools.

Pro touch steam wands
The machine features a double-walled, vacuum-sealed steam wand, delivering a proper temperature and force while remaining cool to the touch. Make velvety microfoam for lattes and cappuccinos with precision. The Pro Touch steam wands are high-performing and cool to the touch.

App integration
Stay connected with the La Marzocco Pro App, providing control over day-to-day functions. Adjust doses, coffee boiler temperature, and access usage statistics for enhanced customization.

The GB5 X comes in an Automatic-Volumetric (AV) version and an auto brew-ratio (ABR) version. 

The AV feature allows baristas to program the amount of time or volume an espresso shot receives. The machine automatically dispenses the desired amount of coffee.

The Auto-Volumetric with Scales (ABR) uses La Marzocco’s patented Auto Brew Ratio technology and scales built-in to the drip tray. Using this feature, baristas can brew each espresso shot by mass, volume, or brew ratio (for example, a 1:2 ratio with 19g of coffee in and 38g of liquid espresso out.)



An In-depth Rreview of the exquisite La Marzocco GB5 X: mastering the art of fine coffee making

Step into the world of fine coffee making with the La Marzocco GB5 X, a machine that's been changing the game in coffee shops across the globe. This modernized model, expertly infused with Luminaire electronics and an eye-catching touch of red, has raised the bar with its redesigned features and premium materials - a testament to its legendary designer, Piero Bambi. As we delve deeper into this review, you will learn just how this machine's unique features, like its dual PIDs, ruby flow restrictors, and proprietary La Marzocco electronics, work in harmony to deliver a consistent shot of espresso that will leave an memorable mark on your taste buds.

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The GB5 X: elegant engineering with superior temperature control

Equipped with a CPU board and designed for superior temperature control, the gb5 combines gracious lines and harmonious curves with powerful technological advancements, in line with classic La Marzocco design and spirit. The machine is an understated companion to any coffee bar.

Its unmatched temperature stability provide steady brew water and steam even at the peak of the morning rush. The gb5 has redefined the standard for temperature stability in modern espresso equipment in light of “PID” technology.

Technical specifications

Setting coffee
Target group Professional
Type of coffee Freshly ground coffee
Physical specifications
Water reservoir Connected to water tap
Height 47 cm
Width 77 cm
Depth 64 cm
Weight 70 kg
Housing material Stainless Steel
Color in text Stainless Steel
Technical specifications
Type of pump Rotary pump
Type of steam wand Pro Touch
Type of heat source Dual boiler with heat exchanger
Steam boiler 7
Coffee boiler 2 x 1.3
Amperage 24
Element wattage 5360
Voltage 220-240
Noise level
Espresso brewing Quiet due to the rotation pump
Article number LAMAR-GB5X
Name La Marzocco GB5 X - with free gift worth €1544
Brand La Marzocco
Warranty 3 years, if semi-annual professional maintenance is performed