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All about the La Marzocco KB90 - with free gift worth €1544

Built on La Marzocco's legacy of quality and innovation, the KB90 combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design redefines the espresso-making process. Your barista's will be able to prepare delicious coffee without straining their wrists, thanks to the straight in portafilters.

Which La Marzocco fits your needs?
This professional La Marzocco espresso machine has several options such as 2 or 3 groups, high legs and barista lights. We will gladly advise you with the right choices.

How to use to full potential of your La Marzocco?
We at OR have been working together for more than 20 years, our specialty coffees are a match made in heaven. Let's work together and service your guests the very best coffees. 

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Free Specialty coffee, full barista training for 2 and full installation worth €1544

Gift 1: 12kg of specialty coffee - €324

Gift 2: OR School - Full barista training for 2 - €750

With the Full barista training and OR specialty coffee for espresso, you're going to utilize the full potential of your La Marzocco KB90 espresso machine.

Gift 3: Full installation of machine and OR coffee beans - €470

Pros and cons

  • Straight-in portafilter: This design simplifies and speeds up the workflow for baristas without the need for twisting or turning.
  • Auto steam flush: Will automatically purge the steam wand after each use.
  • Temperature stability: Thanks to its dual-boiler system and precise PID temperature regulation.
  • Customization options: Programmable shot volumes, pre-infusion settings, and adjustable brew temperatures.
  • Durability and build quality: Constructed with high-quality materials and robust engineering, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Footprint: The KB90 is a large and heavy machine, which may pose challenges in terms of space and installation.
La Marzocco trusted by the best baristas, cafés, restaurants and now also at home for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics. We at OR have been working together for more than 20 years, our specialty coffees are a match made in heaven.

Product description

The La Marzocco KB90, the epitome of ergonomic design and technological innovation, was named after Kent Bakke, La Marzocco's former CEO. The KB90 is crafted to redefine the standard for high-volume coffee shops, enhancing workflow efficiency while prioritizing the well-being of baristas. Packed with cutting-edge features and a sleek design inspired by 70s-era automotive aesthetics, the KB90 is engineered to deliver consistency, cleanliness, and unparalleled performance.

Size and design
Available in 2 or 3 group configurations, the KB90 has a distinctive red panel reminiscent of the 70s and with the iconic La Marzocco Lion-inspired shape, the KB90 adds a touch of style to your coffee space. The straight-in portafilter design and overall construction aim to streamline the barista's workflow, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.

The KB90’s intuitive digital display and programmable settings provide an ergonomic and user-friendly experience. Baristas can easily navigate and adjust parameters, ensuring a seamless workflow without the need for extensive training.

Straight-in portafilter
Revolutionize your espresso-making process with the straight-in portafilter. Designed to reduce strain by 12 times compared to standard portafilters, this innovative system eliminates the need for wrist, elbow, or shoulder twists. Simply lock onto the group head without any twist and release with a push of a button, accommodating both right and left-hand use. The KB90's portafilter system enhances speed, precision, and barista comfort.

Independent brew boilers
This means that each group head has its own dedicated brew boiler. This ensures temperature stability and consistency across multiple brewing stations, allowing baristas to maintain precise control over the brewing process for each group. Meaning you will get to prepare your espresso shot at a consistent temperature every single time.

PID temperature controller
Experience electronic temperature control with the PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller. Fine-tune coffee and steam boiler temperatures to achieve the perfect extraction. The PID technology offers precision and consistency, allowing baristas to create customized recipes for diverse coffee profiles.

Shared steam boiler
In terms of steaming milk, the KB90 uses a shared steam boiler rather than independent steam boilers for each group head. This shared steam boiler supplies steam to all group heads simultaneously, ensuring consistent steam pressure and temperature for steaming milk across the machine.

The proportional steam valve technology integrated into the KB90 enables baristas to regulate steam pressure and flow rate with precision, regardless of whether they are steaming milk for one or multiple drinks simultaneously. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and enables baristas to achieve consistent milk texture and quality with ease.

Drip prediction technology
Embrace the future of espresso extraction with drip prediction technology. Based on extensive testing of various extraction variables, the KB90 employs an algorithm that predicts and adjusts every single extraction. A flow meter analyzes the extraction speed, ensuring consistent shot quality regardless of factors like coffee origin, roast profile, or dosing weight. Combined with precision scales in the drip tray, the KB90 brings unparalleled accuracy to every shot.

Pro touch steam wands
Indulge in the Pro Touch Steam Wands that remain cool to the touch. The vacuum-insulated, double-walled steam wands deliver high-pressure steam for impeccable milk frothing, ensuring safety and ease of use for baristas. The upgraded steam system allows for maintenance without removing the steam valve, simplifying the overall cleaning process.

Steam flushing
Introducing steam flushing technology that utilizes water and steam to purge the portafilter area and shower, achieving superior cleanliness. By efficiently removing particles and lingering condensation from previous coffee pucks, the steam flush contributes to a more hygienic workspace. This feature is especially advantageous in high-volume settings, minimizing downtime for manual cleaning.


Experience effortless brewing: the innovative La Marzocco KB90 espresso machine

Let's introduce you to the La Marzocco KB90, a marvel in the world of espresso machines. Released in 2019, the KB90 is the latest espresso machine introduced by La Marzocco, a renowned name in the coffee industry. Aiming to revolutionize the process of brewing coffee, the KB90 is designed to cater to the needs of high-volume cafes and ambitious baristas, offering exceptional quality with every cup of espresso made.

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The KB90 sets a new standard in high volume cafe performance striving to make great espresso faster, cleaner and easier

The KB90 is the ultimate evolution of the Linea PB form. Designed specifically to increase speed of service in the highest volume cafes while easier for the barista thanks to an improved workflow. La Marzocco has redesigned the portafilter system to improve workflow efficiency and to reduce the wrist strain of the user.

Efficiency can also be increased thanks to Steam Flush: after each extraction, a burst of steam from the grouphead is followed by a flush of hot water, keeping the machine clean even in the busiest rush hours. This innovative function minimizes off flavored buildup, and increases the time between having to clean the group. The KB90 allows for a new level of expression in machine design, the panels have been engineered so that virtually infinite customization combination can be created.

Technical specifications

Setting coffee
Target group Professional
Type of coffee Freshly ground coffee
Physical specifications
Water reservoir Connected to water tap
Height 53.34 cm
Width 81.28 cm
Depth 62.23 cm
Weight 77.11 kg
Housing material Stainless Steel
Color in text Stainless Steel
Technical specifications
Type of pump Rotary pump
Type of steam wand Pro Touch
Type of heat source Dual boiler with heat exchanger
Steam boiler 7
Coffee boiler 1.3
Element wattage 5400 (200V), 5700 (220/380V)
Voltage 220 single phase
Noise level
Espresso brewing Quiet due to the rotation pump
Article number LAMAR-KB90
Name La Marzocco KB90 - with free gift worth €1544
Brand La Marzocco
Warranty 3 years, if semi-annual professional maintenance is performed