Rwanda - Simbi for espresso

Tasting notes: Blood orange, White grapefruit, Almond, Pear, High acidity
Profile: Sweet, Smooth, Round, Velvet

Know where your specialty coffee comes from
At OR Coffee we have very good memories about Simbi coffee. Part of Rwanda's Huye district, a region of captivating beauty and cultural richness. Around 1,850 small coffee farmers bring their coffee to the Simbi Coffee Washing Station. Under the  supervision of our friend Abdul Rudahunga, inspired by the coffee legacy of his grandmother, they have been producing very high quality for OR Coffee for many years.

Simbi is a tale of resilience, with its beginnings in the aftermath of tragic events that befell Rwanda in 1994. Despite these dark times, coffee has emerged as a symbol of hope, contributing to the country's recognition as a top producer of the best specialty coffee. The dedication to quality is reflected in Simbi's commitment to meticulous processing methods, ensuring that each cherry, handpicked and carefully sorted, embodies the essence of Rwanda's ideal coffee-growing conditions.

From cherry to your cup
Simbi Coffee undergoes a transformative journey from cherry to cup, starting with a thorough selection process at the washing station. Established in 2013, Simbi CWS boasts a 300 metric ton per season cherry processing facility and a cutting-edge 2.8 tons per hour pulping machine.

The freshly pulped cherries go through a meticulous wet fermentation process before being sorted by density using water-filled grading channels. The wet parchment is then carefully dried for 24 hours under cover, followed by an average of 15 days on uncovered drying beds. This intricate process ensures that each coffee bean carries the unique flavors of Rwanda's ideal coffee-growing conditions.

The final result is a testament to Simbi's dedication to quality and the rich heritage of Rwandan coffee.

Place: Simbi
Country: Rwanda
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Natural



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